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Sports Club


Physical education is the realization of physical abilities through chiropractic activities. It means keeping the body healthy by engaging in regular and continues chiropractic activities according to the body and age.

In simple words, physical activity is considered as a good and effective need for each and every one in this fast moving world, which helps us to keep fit to face the challenges.

In our college sports is considered as prestigious skills for student (Both Men and Women). We offer special consideration for the students who like to achieve in Games and Athletics. To equip individual’s physical fitness, a well equipped Mini Gym is established in our college.

Well established ground for workouts and practice, to become an eminent sportsman. We train the sport persons through successful coaches in their respective sport event.

An average of THREE Players got placed in various jobs through sport quota.


To engage in a relentless pursuit of excellence in the promotion and development of physical education and sports through innovative programs in coaching and outreach activities and evolve holistic approach to the betterment of human resources through a harmonious blend of body mind and spirit.


Our first objective is to teach education with discipline. To develop student’s personal skills and make them better Sportsman. Create awareness among students about how to maintain mental and physical well-being through physical education.


Train, Develop, and Explore

Staff Details


Physical Director
Qualification: BA., M.Ped., PGDY
Experience : 2 Years


Physical Director