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Exnora Club



“Think Globally, Act Locally and Do Domestically”


1. The golden objective of Exnora is to generate ideas on various issues and to act as a catalyst to help India and other developing countries to emerge as great nations in all spheres.

2. The civic objective of Exnora is to inculcate and develop civic consciousness amongst citizens, to organize civic amenities on a self-help basis and thereby to create a healthier environment, and to take steps towards enactment of appropriate legislation for the betterment of civic standards.

3. The service objective of Exnora is to promote excellence in all fields like cultural activities, animal welfare, alternative medical systems, economic welfare of the poor, the drive against drug and alcohol abuse, the fight against child labour, the creation of traffic consciousness, the development of leadership qualities in youth, the creation of consumer awareness, the preservation of historical and cultural monuments and the establishment of religious harmony.