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About KoCAS



In the year 1994, the trust was inaugurated which comprises of 43 members headed by Chairman Mr. K. Ammaiyappan including Secretary Mr. K. Muthusamy, and a Treasurer Mr. C. Ganesan. The primary aim of the trust is to provide quality education to rural area students, belonging to poor and down trodden people in the villages of Karur district and providing service to the surrounding society. Through this trust, the Kongu Vellalar School was established in the year 1995, Kongu College of Arts and Science was inaugurated in the year 1997 and the Kongu Higher Secondary School was started in the year 2004 very successfully.  The educational institution renders their services very efficiently right now under the leadership of the Chairman. The Chairman’s dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, courage and hard work can modify the students and society in to a bright and best society. And it’s, running efficiently with the office bearers and 252 dedicated members who are service minded.

Finally, the trust conveys an important message.There are two important holy places in the universe in which the first universe – which is a “MOTHER’S WOMB” from which we got life and the other one is “TEACHER’S CLASS ROOM” from which we are created. Therefore, the trust has created thousands and thousands of students from 1995 to till date.  The trust has no intention to receive any single benefits for its own, rather than to render quality education.



“உண்மை, உழைப்பு, உயர்வு” (Truth, Hard Work, Upliftment)


Mr. Atlas M. Nachimuthu


Mr. Visa Ma. Sanmugam


Mr. V. Veerapan


Mr. K. Ammaiyappan


Mr. K. Ramesh



Mr. P. Periyasamy

Mr. V.R. Kandasamy

Mr. Vasantham C.K. Ramasamy

Mr. K.C. Sivakumar

Mr. P. Sanmugam

Mr. S. Palanisamy

Mr. P.K. Ramakrishnan

Mr. P. Selvam

Mr. M. Gopalakrishnan

Mr. K. Palanisamy

Mr. R. Dhanapathi

Mr. S. Vasudevan

Mr. K.A. Nadaraj

Mr. P. Jeyaprakesh

Mr. K. Balasubramanian

Mr. K. Pandiyan

Mr. K. Ravikumar

Mr. K. Sekar

Mr. K. Murugavel

Mr. V. Viswanathan

Mr. K.K. Muthusamy


“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”



“To raise responsible democratic youth with character and professionalism as eminent personalities of the society”


The Kongu College of Arts and Science was established in the year 1997, for the aim of providing quality education to the rural and as well as students below poverty line to get quality education with low fees. The college is located in 4 kms away from KARUR Bus Stand. The College offers course for both men and women students with moral, culture, discipline, skill development, job-oriented opportunities for the students in their future life.

Having broad knowledge, thoughts and endeavor, the Kongu College of Arts and Science had established in the beginning, with 75 students and 5 courses. At present the college offers 25+ variant courses with 2000+ students and now the Kongu College of Arts and Science travels with achievements in all activities under the best efforts and endeavors of the Correspondent.


Mr. V.R. Kandasamy

Mr. Vasantham C.K. Ramasamy

Mr. K. Balagurusamy

Mr. P. Selvam

Mr. P. Vasudevan


Er. P.Shivakumar

Mr. R. Dhanapathi

Mr. K. Pandiyan

Mr. K. Sekar

Mr. V. Viswanathan